March 03, 2009

Wanna Win A Pair Of Cute Crocs?

Over at my SIL Jody's blog (Iowa Geek) she put up a post about having trouble picking out a pair of new shoes. While at Blissdom she received a $50 Crocs gift certificate. She is not a fan of the typical Croc shoe. She was pleasantly suprised when she went on their site and found all the adorable shoes they have to offer.

Now onto how you can help her and win a pair for yourself. She has a poll up on her blog with her 4 picks. All you have to do is vote, visit Croc's site, and then comment on her post that you voted and then which pair of shoes (up to $50) you want.

Easy, right?!?

I voted for these-Red Celeste slip-ons in canvas.

These are the shoes I would pick for myself-
Chocolate/Choco Celeste Canvas slip-ons.

If you want to help a fellow blogger out and maybe get something for yourself in return, click here.

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