March 16, 2009

Urgent Care Update!

Ok, so we took Zoe in to the Urgent Care Clinic yesterday morning for her wrist (full story here). She had X-rays around 10 a.m. and we were told we would get the results today. So I assumed that we would hear fairly early. Not so!! I called about results. Then I called again around results. Seriously!! How hard is it to look at an X-ray, say yup broken or nope not broken, and then give me a call!!

Well, at 6:00, 32 after the X-ray was taken, I was finally called with the result of........

The splint is off and she seems to have no pain. We are very glad this little adventure of ours has come to a happy close!!


Dawn @ My Home Sweet Home

Sometimes they have trouble telling. Our last broken bone had to have a second opinion before they would confirm it. :-)

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