March 09, 2009

Totally Talented Tuesday #2

It is time once again for Totally Talented Tuesday!!

On Saturday Zoe and I attended Kidsfest. Kidsfest is a HUGE fund raising event benefiting Children & Families of Iowa. I have to admit, I worked for CFI's daycare center (see this post) for almost 7 years but had never attended Kidsfest.
Well that all changed this year when we went with my friend and her son (who is 12 days older than Zoe). We had a great time!! The kids got to "play" lots of games (ok so we may have helped them some...LOL). It seemed like Plinko was a big theme this year since we played it at many vendor booths. We also spun many a prize wheel. Zoe even won mommy one free session with a personal trainer at Aspen Athletic. Wonder if she is trying to tell me something...hmmm. We also collected many edible goodies as well. One booth also had a real bunny and Zoe liked petting it.

But I would have to say that Zoe's favorite booth was the swing set put up by Back Yard Adventures. She was able to experience swinging for the first time. She LOVED it!! Lots of huge smiles, giggles and loud squeals. So it looks like we will be hitting the swings at playgrounds all summer long!!

So my Totally Talented Tuesday entry is pictures of Zoe thoroughly loving her first time on a swing! Enjoy!!

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Swings are truly a miracle worker. Just wait... In the summer you can swing a kid for half an hour. Then take them home and have them crash from fresh air... Ahhh... Nap time.


Oh she is such a cutie! She looks like she is really enjoying it!
My daughter loved her first time on a swing last summer....I can't wait for it to warm up to take her again!


How fun! I wish I lived closer to Des Moines. We would have gone. looks like a great time. My son loves the swings too!


That looks like a blast and she is sooo cute!

The Katies

She's too cute swingin' around there! My kiddo has loved swings ever since the first time, that time she didn't have that big of a grin on her face! But she must have liked it cause the next time we went to the park she wanted in!

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