November 24, 2009

So This Is What A Heart Attack Feels Like!

I came very close to having a heart attack this morning. It started shortly after 7 this morning when I heard Zoe wake up and start talking to herself through the baby monitor. I usually let her play in her crib for awhile and get her when she starts to get restless. So I was dozing off and on when around 7:30 her sound machine turned off. Now her sound machine is clear on the other side of her room, so I knew she hadn't turned it off. I shot out of bed because the only other explanation was that someone was in my house. As I ran out of my room I noticed her bedroom door was open (it is always closed) and full panic set in. Just then Jarod walked out of her room holding her. I nearly dropped to the floor because in the space of a few seconds I went from feeling shear terror and anger when I heard someone coming out of her room to absolute relief when I realized it was Jarod.

I squeaked out "What are you doing?" as I was clutching my chest. His reply..."Taking care of Zoe." I am sure the "duh" was fully implied since at this point he had no idea what I was upset about. In fact he thought I had heard him through the monitor. Um, nope.

I know what you are saying, "She should have known it was Jarod!" Well normally I would agree, but Jarod was suppose to be at work. Even though it was raining they usually stay until 9 to make sure it doesn't stop, but today when he got to the show-up his foreman told him that since it was suppose to rain all day he could just go home then. So I wasn't expecting him home until 9:30. Now you are asking, "Why didn't you hear him come in?" Well remember I said I had been dozing off and on, plus Jarod said he tried to come in quietly so he wouldn't wake us. Worked on me.

The best thing about this morning was after almost giving me a heart attack he made it up to me by sending me back to bed for a little more sleep. What a great guy I have!!

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