February 17, 2009

Totally Talented Tuesday #1

Ok, so I have decided to join in on a MEME for the first time. Totally Talented Tuesday is a way to highlight the talented people in your life, including yourself. So here is my first entry.

My daughter Zoe has learned how to climb on everything last week. The problem is she has no fear. So I wasn't very surprised to see her standing on her ride-on toy with a huge grin on her face.

She also learned to climb into the 2 totes that we use as toy boxes to get what she wants. She has used the toy boxes this week to climb onto the recliner in her toy room so she could look out the window

So, do you want to join in and let the world know about all the talented happenings in your life, or read other talented posts? If so then head on over and see Dee at Two of a Kind.



Watch out for the memes - they are addictive! Your daughter is adorable. The climbing phase is so cute and so nervewracking at the same time.


She has that inquisitive spirit! She's very cute!


YAY! I'm glad you joined in! She is ADORABLE! Toddlers love scaring their parents with all that climbing!


Long road ahead!


She is so cute! My son loves to climn on everthing too these days. It's scary!

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