February 09, 2009

Toddler Troubles

Ok, has anyone had this issue. My 12 (almost 13) month old daughter has picked up a new habit. She seems to HATE it when we are on the computer. If either my husband or I pick up and open the laptop, she starts crying and trying to pull the computer off our laps. When we put it up she immediately goes back to whatever activity she had been involved in. So it doesn't seem to be a cry for attention. She has even come flying (well as fast as her toddler legs will carry her) out of her playroom if she hears me open the laptop. Same fit ensues and when I again put away the computer, she goes back to the playroom. I just don't understand. We are not on the computer very much when she is awake. It's not like she gets ignored for the computer. I spend much of my day reading to her and playing with her. But I also make sure she has plenty of alone play. I feel that being able to entertain herself is an important step in her development. It is during these times when she is playing by herself that I occasionally like to check my e-mail, Twitter or Facebook. It hadn't been a problem until about 2 weeks ago. Now I can't figure out how to fix it. HELP!!!! LOL!!!!!



Ew! I would just die if Alise did that to me. I tell Alise that "Mommie has to work from her computer" and she seems to be okay with it. But learning to entertain herself is important, too, because Alise can NOT do that!


Oh my gosh what an odd thing to do??? I keep thinking of those people who have aversions to microwaves and other electronic devices.. something to do with the currency.. or electronic field??? I don't know what to tell you, but maybe discuss it with the doctor at some point, until then maybe just stick to checking your computer when she's asleep? I know that would be hard for me tho...

CC Huff

Get used to it - she's a child. And best yet - they never stop needing Mommy (and you never stop needing them.) Your favorite MIL (smile)

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