February 16, 2009

These Are The Days...

Hello from the land of the sickies!! LOL!! I am starting to feel better. I have had more energy today. Zoe has been coughing a lot more and not sleeping well at night, but seems to be in a great mood most of the time. So, I hope things will be better by this weekend.

Speaking of Zoe's good mood. I was sitting on the floor today watching her playing and I was totally enthralled. It amazed me to watch her figure out the world around her!! We have made a lot of sacrifices for me to stay home. It has been really rough since Jarod was laid off New Year's Eve and was unemployed for 4 weeks. But, as I sat watching my beautiful baby girl, I knew I would never have it any other way. I just can't imagine missing any of this. I know that we are doing what is right for Zoe, and that is all that matters.


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