June 09, 2009

Everything I Know I Learned From Sesame Street.

Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 10:00 am. our TV is turned to one thing....Sesame Street. Other than clapping and cheering occasionally during The Price Is Right and dancing with Ellen during The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Zoe really could care less about TV. That is until that fateful day about two months ago when I turned the TV to Sesame Street. She was GLUED!!

I am not a big fan of sticking kids in front of the TV so I never minded that she didn't watch. But I really don't mind Sesame Street because of how educational it is. I know that I loved watching it as a child and I am glad I get to share it with Zoe! We found out how educational it was the other day.

Lately Zoe has been saying two word over and over again. But we couldn't figure out what they were? We knew she was saying something and wasn't just babbling because it was rhythmic and the same every time. We were stumped and then Jarod said that he thought she was counting. So I started counting..."1,2,3,4". And sure enough she said back..."Wah, Two, Eee". We were shocked! We were even more surprised that she said Three (Eee).

Where in the world did our 16 month old learn to count to three? We kept racking our brains because even though I read to her a lot I haven't really counted with her. Jarod suggested Sesame Street because they count on there...but I didn't think so because her counting was so rhythmic. Then yesterday while we were watching Zoe's favorite part of SS (Elmo's World) I realized that Jarod was right. Elmo always counts something during Elmo's World and it is rhythmic! So mystery solved! We will definitely keep watching Sesame Street.



Mystery solved! :)

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