October 30, 2009

8 Weeks Until Christmas...

WOW!! That is a scary thought! Hopefully with a little planning it won't also be an extremely stressful thought as well. So far I have made a list of all the people I need gifts for. I also wrote down any ideas I have or have been given for each person. My goal is to budget for and then go ahead and buy a few gifts each week. That way I am not having to come up with the money all at the end. That is when my stress really kicks in. I am doing very well with this. In fact I already have 2 people checked off my list. I have also been checking the ads every Sunday and buying all my gifts on sale. I guess it also helps that Jarod and I will not be getting each other anything this year since we are going to Alabama in November and Las Vegas in January. Hopefully by the week of Christmas my shopping will have long been done and all I will have to worry about is getting Jarod to wrap all the gifts, since I don't wrap!!



I begin my shopping early, as well. It really helps. Also helpful: the fact that we don't buy gifts for siblings. I really look forward to our night out. Just adults, no kids.

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