May 27, 2009

How Do You Do That Voodoo That You Do So Well?

So last night I kinda freaked out my hubby a little. I seem to have episodes of precognition from time to time. Last night was one of them. We had checked out some books from the library on Friday. Four for me and two for him. I am on my third book and he is still on the first one, so of course I have been teasing him. Well, last night we had been reading in bed for awhile, and I was getting tired. So, I finished my chapter and put my book up. A few minutes later Jarod decided he was done as well.

As he was putting his book away I decided to tease him. I grabbed my book and said "How far am I.....hmmmm page 108. He replied that it is not a race. I laughed as I turned the lights off.

After a few seconds he said "I'd be lucky if I was on page 108."

I said "I'm sure you are farther than that." He decided he wanted to see, so I turned the light back on for him to find his book.

As he was reaching for the book I said, "I bet you are on page 130....2....132." He opened the book then said, "132 lucky guess."

No way!! I told him he had to be joking. But, he showed me that he was ready to start a new chapter and the first page of that chapter was 132. He said it freaked him out a bit. LOL! I know this sounds minor, but when you put it together with other episodes I have is a bit spooky.

I have had many minor episodes since I was little. But I can remember 2 major ones. The first one happened when I was around 2. My mom said I was playing and the phone started to ring. I sat up and told her it was my aunt on the phone and I told her what my aunt was calling about. My Mom answered the phone, it was my aunt, and she told her all the same things I had just said. Mom asked her if she had talked to me recently and had told me any of that. She said that she hadn't talked to me for a couple of days and had just thought of what she needed to call about right before she called. Mom said it freaked her out.

Then when I was older, my dad and I were watching a lottery show. I think it was for the Illinois lottery. On the show they had 4 different lottery games, a 3 number, 4 number, 5 number and a 7 number one. The model moved to the 3 number game and the balls started spinning. I called out a number right before it was pulled up the tube and I was right. Next number...same thing...called it out and was right. I finished off the 3 number game 3 for 3. 4 number game...same thing 4 for 4. 5 number game....5 for 5. Each time I called the number before it was in the tube so I couldn't have even seen a bit of the number to guess. 7 number game was next.....I got the first 6 right...and then I got cocky. I made a smart comment to my dad and I guess broke my concentration because I got the last number wrong. I just remember the awestruck look on my dad's face. He couldn't believe I had done that.

Now I know...everyone is going to wonder why I haven't won the lottery yet. Well, it seems that my precog abilities (or something to that effect) are very near sighted. I can only do that right before the number or conversation is revealed. I can't control it because I have no idea when it is going to happen and it does not seem to happen that often anymore. that I have freaked you all out...or just proven what a freak I am....I will let you all go without telling you that I also believe ghosts are real and about all the personal experiences I have had. I can't give away all the skeletons in my closet in one post, now can I?



Doing the research I have done for the past several years, I've come to believe that everyone has some type of skill like this. It's just how much you acknowledge it or concentrate on it that makes the difference. And, being as close as you are to Jarod, you are probably very in tune to him, as well, and can pick up on his thoughts or whatever a little easier. Always good for us wives...

Secondly, if you know of haunted locations and are holding out on me...girl, what am I to do with you?

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