April 02, 2009

First Fever.

It's official! My 14 1/2 month old daughter had her first fever today. Yup you read that right, we went 14 1/2 months with no fever...well, except the one she was born with.

She woke up fussy and clingy and has been that way most of the day. We aren't sure if she is sick or if it is just teething. Her two bottom teeth are finally through, but her molars are still trying to come in. So she got dosed with Tylenol and teething tablets this morning. She even napped THREE time today!! She woke up from her 3rd nap today about 5 and that's when I realized she was really hot. Took her temp and it was 101.1. So more Tylenol and teething tablets. Her fever broke pretty quickly. She finally played for awhile and seemed happier.

She started to feel a little warm again right before she fell asleep, so a last minute Tylenol and off to bed. Hopefully it will be a quiet night!


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