October 21, 2009

H1N1 And The President

So did you hear the EXCITING news? The President got his yearly flu shot today! Well yipee...LOL! I really couldn't believe that they were covering that on the news. Then what the news anchor said next caught my attention and got me to thinking. The anchor said that he did NOT get the H1N1 shot today. It was explained that he was going to wait in line like everyone else. What a bunch of bull!!!

What I really got from it is that he doesn't trust the H1N1 vaccine either. After all many doctors have been on all sorts of news programs touting how harmless and beneficial the vaccine is because many Americans (myself and my family included) don't trust the vaccine. They rushed the manufacturing of it and rushing it went sooooo well in 1976. The CDC has a great article about it here and I found another article about it here. Did you know that in June the Government passed a law that grants immunity to the pharmaceutical companies that produce the H1N1 vaccine. That means if you do have an "adverse" reaction you cannot sue them over it. Kinda fishy to me.

Now back to the President. It would seem to me that if the government REALLY wants to assure the American people, wouldn't they use their golden boy as a symbol of trust and faith in the vaccine? Seems pretty straight forward to me. In my humble opinion, I believe he is waiting to see what side affects the vaccine has. So we must be his own little field of guinea pigs.

Ok, I am now getting down off my soapbox. I will leave you with this, I am not telling anyone that they should or should not get the vaccine, but I hope you will do your research before blindly following along!



Great minds think alike! That was our decision as well.

I am tired if hearing "I am from the Government and I am here to help"

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