October 30, 2009

All I Want For Christmas...

...is the Step2 LifeStyle Deluxe Kitchen. Ok, so I really want it for Zoe. Jarod and I had already decided to get her a kitchen playset for Christmas. I have been comparing them in the stores and online. With our budget the way it is we had decided on a $45 dollar one from Wal-Mart. I figured this would be fine for a 2 year old. Later on if she out grew it, we would invest in a better one.

Well, that plan will hopefully change thanks to MommyMandy. She is giving away the Step2 LifeStyle Deluxe Kitchen on her blog. So of course I am going to enter!! I would be insane not too! If I win, then we will have more money in our budget for play food and accessories.

If you would like a chance to win as well, then here is the link to her giveaway!!


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